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just applied for burningangel.com! there is already a dahlia, there is already a misty so I had to choose ANOTHER name. all these alias names is weird. why didn’t i start with something badass enough nobody would use it? lol model problems

Goodluck hun. Keep us updated. Love your and their work

aw I didn’t go through with burning angel, maybe one day
photo by: Aaron Stonehttps://www.zivity.com/models/MissDahlia/photosets/19

Underwear, smoothie, wet hair, dirty mirror, James’ studio—I love this shot for some reason.
On being naked on the Internet.
I’d guess that most people wouldn’t feel positively about having their intimate parts shared permanently with the world. And why is that? Because they don’t feel good about their bodies? Because they are taught their bodies are shameful? Because they are afraid of causing some kind of scandal and ruining their future lives as teachers and presidents? Maybe they just don’t feel like it? There are too many reasons to list, and I’ve felt many of them at different times. But I didn’t stop sharing. Why? Because the reasons I felt were all based on fear, not the truth, and I feel strongly that many of them are worth fighting against.
I’m glad to be part of a movement of women who freely share themselves with the world, because I feel it is important to tell everyone that it’s okay to do so, and it’s okay to do it just for fun.
The body and sexuality shaming that women face everyday for a multitude of reasons is deeply damaging and unacceptable. We should feel great about our bodies, regardless of shape, size, or colour. We should feel great about our vast spectrum of sexualities. We should be able to do whatever it is we want, as long as we’re not hurting others.
Being naked is harmless, but buying into the oppressive rules built by our society is not. Helping enforce these awful rules is not.
I know this issue reaches beyond women and nudity in a broad range of directions, but I can only speak for myself and what I’m feeling in this moment. Still, the idea is simple and universal: be true to yourself and harm none.
To all those who tell us we are bad people, that we should be ashamed, or change who we are: that is not okay. May we replace this oppression with freedom, this fear and hate with unconditional love for all.

aw my tumblr turned 2 today. cuuute. 😊


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hello my loves 😊
I’ve got some new work and a few new sets going live on godsgirls and zivity. I hope you get to check them out.
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oh and if you want to unlock or see this entire set ^ you can goto my zivity page here• http://www.zivity.com/models/MissDahlia/photosets/24

these photos are taken by Will Hollis

a polaroid from my shoot with will hollis. l o v e
model / dahliaphoto by esr photography
Dahlia and Hex Hypoxia 
Photo by Steve Dement

(I think I’ve posted this before but I just love it so much.)

armed and dangerous (you can see the entire set on zivity)
dahlia / twisted photography

okay this is still one of my most favorite sets ever.


steve dement / dahlia

photo by Roy Mata in Austin Texas
dahlia xx

clifachu22 said: ahhhhhh you're so beautiful!!!!! i love your work. do you allow your photos to be painted cos id love to maybe do one!! feel free to check my art on here if you wanna see what i do!!! thank you for keeping me inspired!

thank you so much! your work is amazing! you are welcome to paint whichever image you desire. <3

hey, i&#8217;m still alive! &lt;3
photo by Roy Mata